Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The stupidity of bureaucracy

So I've been working steadily since Christmas to sort out my collection and weed books that are old and no longer needed. The first shock I got upon embarking on this challenge was that a significant portion of our non-fiction collection is around 25 years old, and we still have books on countries that no longer exist. So I diligently went about removing them from the shelves, sorting them and then setting their status to weeded on the system. Today, after inquiring about what the next step in the process is, I have discovered that because of some local law about assets, resources purchased within the last 6 years cannot be gotten rid of, even if they are too old to be of any use to anyone. Not only that but because of a change over of the LM system only a few years ago, it now looks like all the stock was only added within the last few years. 

SO! I am now stuck with a ridiculous number of huge boxes of books that now have to sit in a very full storage cupboard for the next two years at least until they are 'old enough' to be gotten rid of. How utterly utterly ridiculous. I did use a very bad word when I was told because it really pissed me off. 

I guess this is just one of the quirks of working in a country that loves paperwork and pointless bureaucracy. 


  1. Wouldn't the date labels be evidence enough? You could rip out each of the labelled title pages and just keep those for two years instead. You want to try crazy weeding bureaucracy you should visit my college.

  2. Sadly we don't always put date labels in the books because we don't worry if the kids don't return them on time. They have library classes each week so exchange their books regularly.