Thursday, 5 May 2011

Library expansion/refurbishment

If you've been reading my posts for the last few months you may remember me mentioning that there were plans being drawn up to extend my Library. I wasn't too happy with the plans as they didn't really improve the Library and they were going to make some of the problems that we have worse. Luckily, I found out today that there won't be any money available for the expansion which was a relief. I think that we can do a lot with the space without extending it and my boss agrees. There is one final meeting of the Board of Governors next week to decide what money will be spent and where and after that my boss and I are going to sit down and work out how we can improve the Library without making structural changes. I've got a quite a few ideas and so have my staff so I think we can come up with something really nice.
It really is a big relief as I really didn't want to pack up 30,000 books, DVDs and other resources again (for the third time in 2 yrs)! Also it means that when I go to New Orleans I won't be worrying about what they're doing to the place while I'm not there. I won't say I'm precious about the Library but they have a habit of saying yes to what I want and then doing something different when my back is turned.
So lots to think about and I thought I would ask anyone who was reading this if they had any good suggestions about places to look for ideas, suppliers etc. If you do please post in the comments section below and I'll up date you later in the summer with what is being done.