Thursday, 7 April 2011

Second post after the New Year and it's April already!

Ok so it's been a while. Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been a very busy girl but that's no excuse for not keeping in touch!

Apologies aside I have been really busy. Deadlines are creeping closer for my coursework and I've just started the process of buying a flat. Major stress headache as I'm sure anyone who has bought a property in the UK knows all too well!

Anyway, while I've not been posting I've been really busy at work. World Book Day in March was a huge success. We got lots of compliments about the displays we created and we had Waterstones in again to do a book sale. I even came up with a clever idea to bribe Senior Management. I sent them all copies of free books that I had been given. I wrapped them up in lovely paper and attached little cards saying - Happy World Book Day! Warmest regards, The Library Staff. They loved it! I had all the APs down in the Library after they got their presents looking at the displays and trying to find the answers to my competition questions. They started competing with each other. It was really funny. They said they really liked everything that we had done and were very impressed with the quality and amount of time it obviously had taken to make them all.

January exams were hard on everyone. The Library was taken over for exams for most of the month and it put a lot of pressure on the staff and the students who, being teenagers, weren't great at being totally silent when we asked them to be. In fairness I thought the whole idea of having exams in the Library was stupid and it took away valuable space from those kids who really needed to study. But I'm just the Library manager, I really have no say in how the Library is used ....... ok sorry for the sarcasm.

Behaviour has steadily improved since January. We've been trying some new techniques that seem to be working. It's not totally solved the problems but there have been fewer confrontations and arguments when we've asked students to leave. I'm hoping it's not a fluke or a blip and that the things we're doing will work long term.

I heard at the start of the new year that my budget will be cut in July. I had sort of expected it but it was still a bit of a blow. We've had to make major cutbacks already on things like subscriptions which has been good as it's made us re-evaluate what we're buying and why. I think that the budget cuts will have an impact but it won't necessarily be majorly negative. What it's done is made me refocus on what our priorities are and how we can do the same things for less money. At the last meeting with the other College Librarians in our Consortium, we discussed how we could help each other by sharing resources and perhaps running in house training with all the Library staff to share knowledge. I can't say I'm happy about the government cut backs but now that it's happened we all just have to get on with it. I for one intend to make the most of the situation.

The Easter holidays start tomorrow at 4.30pm and I really can't believe how fast they've arrived. When we finally come back to work it will be May and then it's just another month and a bit until teaching ends and the summer begins. We're still under threat of redevelopment (if the YPLA ever pull their finger out) which is frustrating as nothing can be planned or even talked about until we know if things are happening or not. We are officially in limbo (a state I neither like to wait in or dance under).

I finally got permission to go to the ALA conference in June! I am very excited. It's in New Orleans and I've never been there before. I had thought about going to CILIP's conference but to be honest it really didn't appeal. The ALA is on the cutting edge of Library and Information work and I simply couldn't pass up a chance to go. I've signed up for some workshops already and I've applied to have a 'Conference Buddy'. I'm especially looking forward to meeting Bill and Gene from

All in all it's been a busy few months.


  1. Hi Library Girl,

    I just finished my comment but blogger would not cooperate and erased everything! GRRRR.

    I found your blog via the Library Routes Project wiki and read your attending ALA in New Orleans. Congratulations on making that happen! I have traveler recommendations if you're interested. I've visited the city three times already and attended the SLA conference there last year.

    I'm also a library school student at San Jose State University (3rd year) and hope to finish in December.

    I think I have a couple of schoolmates attending ALA, if you like I can let them know about you and maybe you all can meetup. You shouldn't explore the city alone if you haven't been there before. Your thoughts on ALA being the cutting edge of the library profession caught my attention only because I've met professionals who feel ALA moves too slow to adapt/embrace change.

    Have a wonderful ALA experience! You'll feel overwhelmed when you walk into the exhibit hall and be tempted to take all the free books they hand you.


  2. Hi Toni! Thanks for reading my blog :)

    I think that compared to CILIP it feels like the ALA does a whole lot more. I'm looking forward to the conference and I am going with a friend from the UK so hopefully we won't get mugged or anything. The ALA are setting us up with a Library Buddy so I'm quite excited about that. Please feel free to direct your friends to my blog and also my twitter page. I tweet as @ejclibrarian. Would be nice to get in touch with other Librarians before the conference so I have people to talk to while I'm there. I'm totally prepared to be overwhelmed. I'm quite looking forward to it. Thanks for getting in touch! Emma