Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It could easily have been a Thursday ... but it wasn't

I've finally dropped my hours at work which has meant that I've managed to do two units on my Studies in Management module in two weeks. In the past that would have taken me well over a month. I'm back in a very positive frame of mind and emotionally and spiritually I feel back to my old self. I may me broke from reducing my work hours but at least I've got my sanity back ... mostly!

What having Mondays off has also done is throw me off balance so I can't remember what day it is anymore! Today I thought it was Wednesday but to my surprise it turned out that it was only Tuesday and tomorrow was not going to be the Thursday that I had hoped for. Oh well. Something new to get used to.

Christmas is nearly here and I'm starting to get excited. I'm looking forward to spending time with my parents, partner and friends. I've not really spent any quality time with my friends since the summer and I've really missed that. This weekend I'm going to my friend's to participate in a Murder Mystery evening. I'm really excited and it's just the kind of thing that I need at the moment. I will be taking the part of Chastity Darling - a flirtatious young country girl. What a hoot! Let the season of festive joy begin I say!

I'm not sure I'll post again before Christmas so until the New Year -


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

CoFHE LASEC talk, crazy work schedule and new hours!

Well hello! Over a month since I last wrote. Doesn't seem like that long thank goodness. This term has just flown by and I can't say that makes me sad. Christmas is almost upon us and I am quite relieved. Time to relax and reflect.

On Friday I gave my talk to the CoFHE LASEC group about Untangling Web 2.0 and using Web 2 tools to market my service. I think that it went very well and the people who were there seemed to think it was good so YAY! I really wasn't very nervous which is rare for me. I'm usually a seething bundle of nerves. I met some rather lovely people, had tea and biscuits and got to listen to another talk given by Anna Knox from UEL on Using Customer Feedback to Market the Library. It was really interesting and I got a lot of ideas from it. Though we work in very different environments the same techniques can work in both. I shall have to make some time over Christmas to go back and think more on what she said.

If you would like to see some of the tweets from the day click HERE! The lovely Helen was our tweeter for the day. Hmmm I wonder if that's the right word....

I was hoping that the last few weeks at work would be quiet and things would start to wind down but no such luck! Last week was manic with the Principals interviews, my yearly appraisal and trying to work out how we are going to replace one of my staff who has decided to retire at the end of term. It was and wasn't a surprise as she's been talking about it for ages but it has made things difficult because we need to advertise, interview and appoint before the holidays! That's only two weeks away now! I think come January we will be very short staffed. Oh well. These things are sent to test us I suppose. I'm certainly looking forward to the process as it means I have to go into manager mode and I don't do that very often.

I start my new reduced hours next week. I had almost forgotten about it as it took so long to organise. I asked about it in September and two months later I'm just about to start them. I had hoped that the process would be faster than that but I guess I expected too much. I'm going to try to get the module I'm working on done by the end of January and then the next one done by the end of April. My tutor has been great and has postdated some time out for me. That hasn't solved any of my problems but it has taken a bit of the pressure off.

Right! Best get back to work! TTFN!