Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pubs are a good substitute for Public Libraries - WTF?!

I've just been watching the BBC news and they are about to do a report on the Government's new ideas of Public Libraries. To entice us to watch they say 'Do Libraries really need buildings anymore when people could get their books in supermarkets and pubs?'

WHAT!? Seriously? What complete and utter muppet came up with that idea? Granted public libraries aren't the only place you can get fiction books these days (you can now get those cheap anywhere) but PL's are a whole lot more than that. They are community hubs where people can meet to participate in social activities, get information about public services, talk to INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS about where they can get specific information and services and much much more! I'm starting to wonder why I am bothering to get a Library degree when our government in all it's wisdom says that what I do is pointless. I don't think that what I do is pointless but it's quite demoralising to be putting in all this work and money into a degree when there probably won't be a job for me in 5 years time.

What do we have to do to get people to realise that what we do is important? How do we make the powers in control of our WONDERFUL public libraries see that qualified librarians are important to our communities and that what they do on a daily basis is important to a lot of people and vital to a communities?