Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sometimes it really is a trial

Before I start, I know I should always try and keep a good sense of humour about these sorts of things but after a while it all really starts to grind you down.

We are very busy at the moment in the Library, with exams looming and students panicking it's a very stressful time for us all.

So why, why would someone decide that setting off an air horn in the library was a good thing to do? OK so I know the answer really. They didn't think, they didn't care. They thought it was fun and didn't care that other people were working and actually want to get an education. I tell ya sometimes working in a state school really puts me off EVER letting my children attend one. The lax discipline and cavalier attitude of the people who are supposed to be enforcing the rules is disgraceful. I'm sending my kids to a private school where punishments are harsh and kids are taught to respect their elders. Puritanical I hear you say? Too authoritarian? Nothing wrong with that. I was taught to fear and respect my teachers and it didn't do me any harm. These kids think they are above the rules and they don't care at all that their actions cause harm and distress to others.

ARRRG! Makes me so hopping mad sometimes. I would wish them some sort of physical or mental harm but that's not a very Christian attitude. I shall instead hope that they are caught and learn the folly of their ways.

Hope springs eternal after all ........... and pigs might fly

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