Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Science Fiction - (these are not the books you are looking for)

I've been on a real mission to get sci fi books for my library as we really don't have any. So I started by buying all the SciFi Masterworks books. They all arrived the other day and we've been busy processing and cataloguing them so we can get them on the shelves as fast as possbile. I bought a new spinner for them to show them off and that arrived yesterday. We had such fun putting it together. It felt like Christmas. My childish glee was thankfully shared by my staff who have been cooing over it ever since it went up. It's funny what makes people happy. I felt happy from my head to my shoes!

Anyway, Unshelved has had some Sci-Fi related comics this week that I want to share as they are HILARIOUS! Enjoy!


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