Friday, 23 April 2010

Phil Bradley and Web 2.0

I am currently sitting in a computer lab in a college in London listening to Phil Bradley talk about Web 2.0. He is not at all what I expected and I think I'm really going to like this session. More later!

Much later as it happens as it is now Monday morning. Had a fantastic day on Friday but left feeling like my brain was about to explode! So much new knowledge that my brain didn't know what to do with itself.

I've been aware of the term Web 2.0 for a while but never really had it explained. It's one of those terms that people throw around but no one is willing to admit that they don't know or understand what it actually means. Here are a few things that I learnt. I hope Phil doesn't mind me borrowing his words!

Web 1 was not easy to use - required a knowledge of HTML
Web2 is easy to use, easy to add to

Web 1 is computer based
Web2 uses the web as a platform

Web 1 relied on installed hardware
Web 2 uses the browser

Web 1 was solitary
Web 2 encourages sharing

Web 1 data in one place
Web 2 data is portable

Web 1 was about consuming data
Web 2 about creating data

Web 1 was homepages
Web 2 is weblogs

Web 1 was tracking information down
Web 2 is having information come to you

Web 1 was badging your content
Web 2 is getting the answer out quickly

Web 1 is slow transfer rate
Web 2 is broadband

Web 1 was cost of hardware
Web 2 is cost of broadband

Web 1 was getting it perfect
Web 2 is doing it and moving on

Web 1 was stationary
Web 2 is mobile

Web 1 was about limitations
Web 2 is about state of mind

Please go and visit his websites:

Having been to lots of training sessions in my life so far I can honestly say that I got the most out of this one. I felt like I had actually learned something constructive, that I could put into use on a daily basis.

Thank you Phil! You've just made my work life a trillion times easier and more importantly more fun!