Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Good to feel needed

I had a student come to see me today in need of some help. His mother works with mine and she suggested that he come and see me. He has learning difficulties and is struggling with his ICT coursework. I'm not terribly surprised as he says that even his teacher doesn't know how to use the software that they are using. Anyway, he explained what he was doing and what the problems were and I found him some good study guides. We've agreed that he's going to come back tomorrow and I'm going to help him sort out what he needs to do. Making a plan of what you've done and what you have left to do is one of the best ways to focus and also to feel better about the work you're doing. One of the greatest problems he's having (besides the lack of teacher aid) seems to be that they are trying to do two modules at once and he's finding it hard as they keep jumping back and forth between them. I can totally understand that problem as I struggled with that at university all the time. It was hard to separate things that were similar in nature and I needed to be really focused to stay on track.

Anyway, I'm in the process of printing off the manual for the programme he's using so that he can finish making the product. I'm glad that I'm able to help him as it seems that ALS aren't able to give him the support he needs.

It's nice to feel needed.

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  1. How lucky the student is to have you on his side. He must feel better already.