Friday, 19 March 2010

Best line ever

We had a few problems with some students yesterday and while I didn't catch all of their names I did managed to get one. I informed the student's tutor who said that he wasn't suprised at all that they had been creating problems. Anyway, we agreed that the student should not come back into the library until after Easter and he sent the student a letter that was frankly the best letter I've ever read. The best line in the whole thing though came at the end when he said,

"I should advise you to bear in mind that I shall shortly be deciding whom we will allow to return next year and that you are at present doing nothing to convince me that I should allow the taxpayer to go on funding a place for you."

Sheer brilliance! It gives me hope that some teachers do care about maintaining standards and enforcing the rules on bad behaviour.

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