Friday, 27 November 2009

One year down... how many to go?

It was my one year anniversary on Tuesday. It's funny to think that I've been here a year. It doesn't seem that long but it also does at the same time. Sometimes it feels like a lot longer. I can't say it's been a breeze because it hasn't. Long hours, lots of stress, moody teenagers, bizarre and often annoying colleagues (not my library staff though I hasten to add). It's been a huge learning curve and I know that I would not have gotten anywhere with my professional development without this job. I wouldn't have learnt half the stuff I know now.

There are however down sides. As I may have mentioned before I am not terribly happy with my salary. Having looked around at other schools and talked to my colleagues at other sixth forms, I now know that I am being grossly underpaid for what I do. Though I felt before I talked to others that I wasn't being paid enough, now I know that I am not. One of my mother's colleagues is doing the same degree as me and she is on £35k a year! While I would never ask for a pay increase of that much, I know that I can command that kind of salary if I was to go elsewhere. I spotted a job the other day at a girls school that wants a School Librarian for 38 weeks a year (36 term time and 2 weeks in the summer) and they are willing to pay a starting salary of £28k. That's 6 weeks less a year and less hours a week for 8k more a year than I'm on now. I must admit that it is tempting and really the only thing holding me back is my loyalty to my current employer and the fact that I am scared about having to possibly move somewhere new. It's all very confusing. I have had two glowing appraisals from my line manager but he has made it clear that it is unlikely that I will get anything more than one step up on the pay scale. It works out to an extra £750 a year BEFORE tax. That's nothing. He also mentioned the likelihood of a pay freeze starting from this coming May. It has really made me start to think about whether I should stay in my current job or not. In the end I guess I have to think about what's going to benefit me the most.

Any advice? I could really use some.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Joining the electronic age

I've finally done it! I've managed to buy some e-resources with the £5000 that the head of finance gave me. We are now subscribing to History Study Centre Online, Literature Online, Film and Sound Online, NewsFilm Online, Grove Art Online, Grove Music Online, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the American Chemical Legacy Archives. It's not a huge list but half of them are free and I'm looking for new ones all the time. I'm feeling very happy and I've been playing around with all of them so that I can teach people how to use them. It's nice to be able to make changes and upgrade the library service. I really feel like I've accomplished something.

Now, next challenge. Ask my line manager for a raise! Wish me luck!