Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Realising I am not alone

I'm back at study school now after 18 months on my Msc course. It's been really good because I've been able to meet up with other people who are as slow as I am and who I met at my first study school in April 2008. I feel on reflection (they try to get you to do that a lot on this course) that I've learnt a lot from the last 18 months and I know now where I went wrong and how I can speed up my learning.

1. Just read the module hand book. You can only read so much and not all of it is necessary to pass.
2. Reading around the topic is overrated. Only read the chapters that relate to your assignment topics. You can always go back when you're finished and read the rest.
3. Don't panic. Other people are going at your pace too and really in the end it doesn't matter.
4. Just get on with it! 30 minutes a day is better than trying to cram in 3 hours on the weekend when you are not fucking interested! (thank you to my Irish friend Steph for her colourful language).

So the plan is that I now have to complete 60 credits by the end of July 2010 to qualify for the September study school. If I do one module by Christmas, the next by April and then the last buy the July batch date it is possible. If I can make the September school that only leaves my 20 credit optional module(s) and the Dissertation left to do.

It's all up from here!

Thursday, 3 September 2009


I am at this moment extremely pissed off. We had an all staff Staff Meeting on Tuesday morning and the Principal went through a list of people to thank for all the hard work they did over the summer in College. Were the library staff mentioned? No. Then the Vice Principal went through all the major works that had been done over the summer and did they mention the library refurbishment? No. At this precise moment I am starting to really want to look for a new job. My staff and I are totally unappreciated. In fact, most of the time I think that they think that we just sit on our asses all day and read books. I understand that life isn't always fair and that you will inevitably do things at work that no one will notice or care about but still! This was a major project that seems to have been totally overlooked. I have worked my ass off and I am starting to wonder why I bothered! I know why I did, I have pride in the job that I do and I care about my library and about the staff and students we support. Just once and a while it would be nice if somebody else noticed how hard we work.