Thursday, 28 May 2009

Half Term how I love thee and coursework how I loath thee

I've had four days off so far and I can't even being to tell you how happy it's made me. Granted I've been trying to get my coursework done but it's just so nice not to be at work and have to worry about kids and orders and staff. Now I understand why you get so many holidays working at a school. The staff would all go mad without them.

I am at present still struggling with my Masters coursework. I am attempting to write a report on the reference collection in my library and not exactly failing miserably but it's not just not going the way that I want. I must admit that I wish I had a lecturer to talk to about my coursework. Emailing just isn't the same and it's often difficult to express exactly what problems I am having over the net. If I've not said so before I am dyslexic. That may explain a few things. I have difficultly expressing myself in words and more often than not I need to speak to people face to face in order to make myself understood. I also have difficulty reading and taking in information. I often have to read things aloud in order to understand it. This as you can imagine makes studying a long process. Not that I'm complaing. This is just the way it works. I do get frustrated at times though and I think that's one of the things that's slowing me down. I get discouraged easily and have a somewhat defeatest attitude. I try not to but I guess it's just a built in thing.

Anyway, I talked to my friend Nicole today and she was really supportive and we chatted about coursework and study school and gave each other a pep talk. Made me feel better about my work and it was just nice to talk to her again. I've not seen her in over a year but I do think about her often.

Well, I've still got around 500 words to write on my assignment so hopefully I should have it done tomorrow and then fully polished by monday. Then I can move on to number 2. Soon I shall be on my way to study school and I will get back on track.

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