Thursday, 7 May 2009


Since I started my job back in November I have been struggling with my coursework because of time constraints, stress and total exhuastion. I was supposed to attend a study school in April for my second year of my Masters but I was so behind that I couldn't attend. I have finally managed to get back to work but today I found out that I have to complete my coursework by July in order to qualify to attend the study school in September. I'm bricking it! I was nearly in tears this morning fromthe stress at the very thought of it. Then today has been a nightmare as the library is being used for exams (we have two small offices inside the library) and the students wouldn't shut up even though they had been told that there was an exam going on and that it was being recorded. They are a bunch of little shits some times! I kicked one group out after they ignored me twice when I told them to leave. They are arrogant little buggers some times and I wish I was able to discipline them. I think next time I will take their ID cards and then email their tutors and ban them from the library for a week. Anyway, I'm knackered and stressed and I want to sleep but I've got cricket tonight. SIGH!

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