Thursday, 26 March 2009

The things that lay us low

I've been very unlucky recently to have been laid low with a very nasty virus that has lasted for 7 weeks. It is now in stage three of it's mutation and has crossed the blood/brain barrier and gone into my head. Lovely huh? Anyway, I'm on lots of drugs and have spent the last three days in bed watching ruubbish tv and eating junk food. It's been nice. I really needed the rest. The problem is what happens when you feel well again. I struggled last night trying to decide whether to come back to work today or not. It's not the going that's the hard part but getting back into the right mind set. Knowing that when I walk in the door someone will come to me with a problem or a student will have been acting up and I will have to discipline them in some way - it's really not an incentive to come back to work. The longer you are away the harder it is to come back. I think that's why I've been ill for so long. A full week of sleeping and recovering and I would have been right as rain and this thing wouldn't have lingered for so long. But I was scared of not being at work and so I kept coming back too early and then I would get worse again.

Anyway, I managed to pluck up the courage and here I am back at work. I do feel better now though. Better than I've felt in 5 weeks which is amazing. I still can't hear very well but that will fix itself soon (fingers crossed). And yes, someone did come to me with a problem, and yes there were things I needed to sort out but that's my job. And there's no escaping it.

So.... heed my advice and if you get sick just get yourself well again. Though it seems hard to go back to work after a lengthly illness you are better off getting yourself well again then letting whatever it is linger. Especially if it's taken up residence in your brain.

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  1. Wow, a virus, your brain and not to mention that bunny. It must be getting pretty crowded in there. Glad you're feeling better though!