Monday, 30 March 2009

How to manage an outstanding Library

OK.... you're not going to find out how to do that through me. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. That was just the title of the course that I went on on Friday and Saturday in Oxford. I was .... very interesting. It was unfortunately more geared towards school libraries and didn't really deal with how to solve the problems at a Sixth form or College Library level. There were 7 workshops over the two days:

1. Creating an inclusive, appealing and high profile library

2. Computers vs. Books

3. Making exciting library presentations using PhotoStory, Voice Thread and Windows Movie Maker

4. Getting the Support you need to deliver an outstanding service

5. Modifying student behaviour

6. Using Web 2.0 technology

7. Maximising stock using free or low cost e-books and e-texts

Now they all sound great but of the seven really only two or three of them were really of any use to me. I'm not however going to tell my boss that as I don't want him to think that it was a waste of money. It wasn't. I learnt a lot and more importantly I got to meet lots of other people who are in the same position and we got the chance to talk about that. In terms of networking it was fantastic. In terms of content it was ok. Shame really as it could have been REALLY useful to me. I did get some good info about Web 2.0 technology and how to explain to kids about why books are good in terms of quality of information over the web. It will probably take me a while to go through all the information again and I may find that some stuff is more relevant than I thought but we'll see. I am going to post some links that I got from the course on here so take a look if you get the chance.

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  1. Did the 'windows movie maker' have a practical side to it? Because that would be interesting - or sounds like it should be.